Supporting your child

Most children in the UK maintain a healthy weight throughout childhood. It is important that children continue to grow within the healthy range; eating well and staying active. Children whose results suggest that their weight is above the recommended range, might require extra encouragement to keep their weight stable whilst they grow taller. Families are best placed to regularly monitor their child's progress and ensure that their weight is maintained.

Unlike advice often offered to adults, it is rarely necessary for children to lose weight. Promoting weight loss for a child would only be advised by health professionals in exceptional circumstances. Making and sustaining small lifestyle changes isn't easy - yet can be rewarding and have a positive impact on all the family. It may be that you already know what changes your family need to make; however, if you're seeking support and advice, follow the links below or contact your child's School Health Advisor.

Illustration of parents and children

Keeping healthy

Healthy food and activity tips for you and your children.
NHS - Live Well
Information from the NHS on healthy living.
Sugar Smart App
Download the Sugar Smart app and make cutting back on added sugar fun.
Tooth Fairy Blog
Articles and advice from our Manchester based Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry.
Buzz Manchester
A health and wellbeing service for people and communities in Manchester.
Keep on track
Download this simple PDF booklet from here to help you keep track of important life style changes and your personal progress.

Find out more

School Health Service
Find out what School Nurses do and how to contact them.
Healthy Schools Manchester
Training, support and resources offered to schools to help children feel happier, healthier and safer.
National Child Measurement Programme
More information about the National Child Measurement Programme.
ABL Health
Free physical activity and healthy lifestyle workshops for families living in Manchester.

Activity near you

Get Active - Greater Sport
All the information needed to get more physically active and eat more healthily in Manchester
Active Lifestyles - Manchester City Council
Physical activity and well-being programmes for all ages in Manchester.
Allsorts To Do - Manchester City Council
Information for local residents on things to do in Manchester.